• Taken literally in Wreck-It Ralph, where the two cops of Sugar Rush, Wynchel and Duncan, are respectively, an éclair and a doughnut, and there's no guess who they're named for.
  • Defied in The Amazing Spider-Man.

George Stacy: "Do you think we just sit around and eat doughnuts all day?"

  • Happened in The Powerpuff Girls. • The episode "Cop Out" has a fat and lazy cop sitting in his patrol car eating donuts and bragging about what a great cop he is while his partner is across the street foiling a bank robbery. On the way back to the station, he got donuts from practically every donut shop he found, including one that also sells chinese food. And he's still eating donuts back at the station when Da Chief gives him the Turn in Your Badge speech. The cop then hands over his gun, which Da Chief tells him to keep as a "souvenir"...and asks for his donut instead.
  • The Movie has the cops portrayed in a bad light. Before the girls came along, crime was rampant, and we see the reason...during every crime, the police were at the DONUT SHOP.
  • One scene from the Pixar animated short Tokyo Mater involved Mater luring a Japanese police car into a donut shop while attempting to beat the villain to the top of Tokyo Tower as part of a drift race. Since the characters are cars, the donuts are of the stunt variety.
  • In Courage the Cowardly Dog Courage once distracted a cop from his evil package by throwing a donut down the subway train. He came back anyway, mouth covered in frosting.
  • in zootopia a lot of times make jokes about this the most famous was when judy was chasing duke he throws a decoration donuts and says "had a donut"

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