• •Gru's adorable minion thingies from Despicable Me. Word Of God is that they're genetically engineered corn kernels.
    • Their origins will be retconned in the upcoming Minions spin-off/prequel to "yellow henchmen who have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from yellow single-celled organisms into beings who have only one purpose: to serve history's most ambitious villains". Their previous masters include a T. rex, Genghis Khan, and Dracula. The downfall of all three can be directly attributed to the Minions' incompetence.
  • •The BrainBots from Megamind. It helps that they're floating robot puppies. With lasers.

• The Goblins of the Labyrinth even if their adorableness is a question of taste.

  • Little Doris in Meet the Robinsons. As quote Bowler Hat Guy: ""It's so cute!" ... For a spider-like robotic hat that can take control of animals' minds, that is.
  • In the Tim Burton's Batman Returns, the Penguin has an army of circus performers as his main gang, but also has an army of...penguins.
  • In a medival episode of Phineas and Ferb, Malifishmirtz attempts to create evil minions by using a reanimation spell on the "most hideous substance known to man"...canned meat. And they were...cute little jumping bunnies. Well, until they got wet

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