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Here is the 30th episode of Digimon Fusion, and maybe the last for a while :(, Enjoy. Leave a like and please go subscribe to my channel for more future uploads. - Thanks again to alisonmanic for the episode! - Summary: Ending up back in their world, Mikey, Angie and Jeremy learn that their time in the Digital World was about half a day in human world time and both of Mikey and Angie's family members have no faith on their words. Mikey later hears the voice who had granted him the Fusion Loader, though is unable to find it. The next day, Mikey meet up with Angie and Jeremy, telling them his intention to go back to the Digital World and save their friends over there. The voice eventually respond to his words leading them to it, revealed to be the DigiMemory of Omegamon. After fully materialising Shoutmon and explaining the origin of the DigiMemories, Omegamon reveals he has the power to return Mikey to the Digital World, but Angie and Jeremy must stay behind. Just then, Tactimon, who was trapped in the real world and attacking the city, uses the electricity to give himself form and chase over Mikey. After Mikey fail to use his DigiMemory in the battle, Tactimon captures Angie and Jeremy, demanding Mikey to hand over the Fusion Loader. However, Angie and Jeremy's passionate emotions give Mikey's Fusion Loader a new power, allowing Shoutmon to digivolve into OmegaShoutmon who manages to destroy Tactimon. Mikey returns to the Digital World with Shoutmon, where his presence is noticed by Nene's brother, Yuu, who is seen with DarkKnightmon and says that he wants to battle against Mikey.

Brief Disclaimer: I do NOT own the Digimon series, All rights belong to their respective owners. This video was uploaded for the sole purpose of entertainment and i does not intend to infringe any copyright laws.

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