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MidnightMachiko given me permission to do this! Check out her's in the link below, it's rockin' awesome!

  • update* 9th July 2012

I've abandon this channel for a while, it wasn't until today that I noticed! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Over 20,000 views! In April, this only had 5,000 views! Ohmygawsh! Thankyouh so much for that guys! Love ya You guys make me want to cry! One of the best moment I've felt this year!!! I know this isn't the best quality since I was 12 then and er...haven't discovered Sai yet! LOL Nevertheless! Cheers my awesome DxG friends :D

  • october 29th 2011*

( made with MS paint ) A crappy paint program -.- This is a Gwuncan version of MidnightMachiko's NoahxOc . Layout is all based on MidnightMachiko :) I drew everything except of Justin, i kinda of traced him.

Oh and I stuffed up most of Courtney's face on purpose :D

oh and here is the link :

This took me around 2 weeks .BLAH BLAHA BAHAHAA RANDOMMM

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