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AT LAST I FINISHED THIS! Sorry if it's not good at all, even when I like this couple, I'm not good with them. First of all I have to say that I DON'T LIKE ROTG so please don't talk to me about that movie, I think is onw of the worse movies I have ever watched and I will never watch it again, BUT I like Jack (who doesn't?) and this couple is SO cute (not my favorite but still love it). Ok I was making another video with this two but I lost inspiration and I decided to make another one (yeah, this one). I haven't seen many Jackunzel videos lately and I wanted to make something different, so I make some maskings and Tada! Rapunzel is a guardian xD, the guardian of light, dreams, golden sand I don't know xD but she is good one xD

Ok Story: Jack likes Rapunzel, but she seems to be very aggresive, but she's actually a good girl. She suffers because nobody can see her, she doesn't exist for kids, just like Jack, so she stars crying and when Jack sees her try to make her feel better. So they become friends and see the world by themselves but the bad man ( I don't remember the name, I just know that in spanish at the beginning they said "the boogeyman") hates Rapunzel because she is the oposite of him, she brings light and good dreams, and he is the man of darkness and nightmares, so he takes her and hurt Jack, but the moment when they're appart they remember everything. They destroy the Darkman and after that kids start to believe in them. That's all :D hope ya like it! Kisses ^^

DEDICATED TO Andi, Gina and Kai Please Sub them ^^ www/

Chicas, perdonenme si no es lo mejor, de verdad NO PUDE MAS T.T no soy buena editando con ellos T.T pero CREANME que me esforce MUCHISIMO (Mis comentarios en face dicen mucho), asi que espero les guste :) Fue hecho SOLO para ustedes ^^ LAS ADORO!

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