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  • cloudy with a chance of meatballs

When flint gets really exciting in his first snowball fist he begins hitting people with snowballs and screaming "snowball" before getting loose

  • despicable me

Gru screaming "freeze ray". In the sequel revels the problem with this. When lucy wilde of the anti-villan legue show off on gru doorstep she tried to freeze her she counters withba flame tower and explain: - lucy: You know, you really should anounce yiur wepons after shoit them for example... Lipstick teaser

  • big hero 6

Fred seems to enjoy thid. In the film's climax everyone does this in true anime fashion. Hiro does this wenever baymax attacks, tough is because baymax doesn't know when to attack so hiro gives him intructions on what to do. Until baymax does himself.


  • gravity falls had rumble mcskirmish doing this even when he did wasn't an attack
  • fin from adventure time seems to enjoy doing this
  • dexter laboratory when deedee and dexter got turned into monsters, they both call their attacks while fighting each other.
  • ppg ussually call their attacks
  • ranfy cuninham more of randy choice rayher than everything else.
  • spiderman has storm with
  • storm: Power pf lighting strike again
  • spidey: Power of web shoters get really sticky

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