• sky high has Layla vs penny
  • in batman & robin, poison ivy was reserved for batgirl. She takes out both batman and robin with atonishing ease in her lair- should barbara not have butted in and become batgirl poison ivy would axtually have won
  • Yukio fights viper at the end of the wolverine but mostly because Logan is busy with silver samuarai at time
  • guardians of the galaxy the fight between the female guardian gamora and Ronan's heachwoman Nebula who are actually former stepsisters. The other guardians are busy dealing with ronan's other heachmen. Silighly downplay.


  • ppg had a notable onw between ms bellum and medusa. It ended with them falling into a swiming pool
  • Avengers earth's mighties heroes mostly of the female skrull are defeated by girls female viper skull was defeated by linking bird and veranke by miss marvel

animated moviesEditar

  • in lion king 2 a literal example hapebs at the end during the climax of the film if you look closely you can see Nala( kiara's mother and simba's wife) fighting Vitani (kovu's adoptive sister).

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