• The Aristocats: • Edgar, a Big Bad of a butler, decides to abandon the cats in the countryside in the first place because he figures that since they have nine lives, he will not live long enough to inherit Madame's fortune from them.
    • Cat Duchess mentions that he could have lost his life saving her daughter, and Thomas O'Malley wryly comments that he has "a couple to spare."
    • Roquefort, having been told by Thomas O'Malley to get help from Scat Cat's gang of alley cats while he goes to confront Edgar (a dangerous task considering Roquefort is a mouse), complains that while O'Malley has nine lives, he only has one.
  • •In Ice Age, after Diego the smilodon has a Disney Death he comes back saying "Nine lives, baby!".
  • In Batman Returns, Tim Burton took it literally - Catwoman took eight occasions when she should have died. These include three considerable falls that would likely have killed a normal person, four bullets that should have seen her bleeding to death and a massive self-inflicted massive electric shock that was fatal for the other person involved. Burton blurred the lines with a Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane approach.

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