• Sofia the first features one named Lucinda in one episode who starts out as a troublemaker but then is converted to a "good little witch"
  • Tia dalma from pirates of Caribbean is a hot voodoo witch who wears very flattering outfits and is implied to have been romantically involved with jack sparrow. The third film in the series reveals that she is the sea goodness calypso trapped in a human body.
  • Queen elsa from frozen possesses both icy, elegant beuty, and ice powers equal to those to a cruel winter goodness. Despite appearance (and a few unfortunate accidents) to the contrary, she isn't the least bit evil, just very sad and isolated.
  • Scarlet witch from avengers age of ultron. She's a witch (technically a girl with enhanced by an alien artifact to use hexes. So she can hypnosis you and make you see What do you fear, and she's cute ( techically she's a young good looking for with a baby face and child-like beiavor and her outfits tend to show a bit cleveage. The most prominent glimpse we get is after the train fight were her shawl has slipped off a bit
  • Shinigami from teenege mutant ninja turtles a shinto ninja witch that can use dark magic with a wepon similar to michelangelo's nunchucks and tricks like hipnosis, teletransportation via smoke, ilusions like a swarm of bats and turning into a black cat

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