• Toy Story 2, with Wheezy singing "You Got A Friend In Me"

Toy Story 3 has two separate dance parties in the credits: One is of the Sunnyside daycare toys dancing; it is implied that once they got rid of Lotso, they could all enjoy the place without fear of reprisal from him. In turn, several of the toys, including former minions of Lotso, were having a big dance party, with "We Belong Together" playing. A happy ending indeed. The other is Buzz and Jessie dancing to a Spanish version of "You Got A Friend In Me."

  • Despicable Me, with the girls' just-for-Gru ballet recital turning into a disco party. Vector dances along on the moon.

The ending of Despicable Me 2 had the main characters dance to the YMCA, as sung by a group of Village People minions (and one Carmen Miranda minion).

  • Many of the Shrek films used this.

The first film had the wedding reception held at the end. Everyone danced to the Smash Mouth cover of "I'm a Believer", sung by Donkey. The home video and DVD releases added a Karaoke Dance Party sequence on top of this. The ending of Shrek 2: dancing to "Livin' La Vida Loca". Shrek the Third is the sole movie in the franchise that doesn't technically end with a dance party. It gets relegated to the credits where Donkey and Puss do a duet of "Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself." Shrek Forever After ends with a Triumphant Reprise of "I'm a Believer." The credits of Puss in Boots with Lady Gaga's Americano.

  • Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Ice Age: Continental Drift have the characters dancing over the end credits.
  • Mulan ends with Mushu and the ancestors dancing to "True to your Heart".
  • Chicken Little's end credits have the characters singing and dancing to "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" (yes, the same song Ella Enchanted used).
  • A variation: Frozen ends with a skating party, as Elsa turns the courtyard into a skating rink and skates with Anna and Olaf. A bit of a Bookend with the beginning of the movie, where we see Elsa and Anna playing with Olaf as children.
  • The first season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) ends with the Turtles and April partying after stopping an Alien Invasion.
  • Phineas and Ferb have one at the end of their hour-long episode "Summer Belongs To You". It also features the first full-length (i.e. 3+ minute) song to play on the show (when most are about 1-2 minutes) and it further cements Candace and Jeremy as the Official Couple.

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