Daughter Of Guardians - (Multicrossover) Part 1-003:18

Daughter Of Guardians - (Multicrossover) Part 1-0

  2014 movie


Jackunzel daughter.png

daughter of the gurdians

Jack saves his sister Elsa and dies in the ice.The moon makes them guardians, one can remember the past and the other can't, in this case Elsa can and Jack can't.Pitch "helps" Elsa and takes care of her until she is older.

Jack lives alone until he meets Rapunzel and falls in love with her, they marry and have sex. they have a daughter, Anna, while Elsa is suffering trying to contro her powers.Pitch tells her that the magic hair of the little baby will help her to control herself, so she steals her and takes care of her.Jack and Rapunzel are sad cause they can't find their daughter, they don't know that Elsa is using her magic hair to control her icy magic. 5 years later Anna is already a kid and she meets a cute 8 years old guy who is gonna be her first friend. what would happen next


elsa- the snow queen

jack frost- the spirit of winter

rapunzel- the light guardian

pitch black- the bogeymqn

anna- the guardian's daugter



Daughter Of Guardians - Multicrossover (TRAILER)01:01

Daughter Of Guardians - Multicrossover (TRAILER)

Daughter Of Guardians - Multicrossover (TRAILER 2)01:33

Daughter Of Guardians - Multicrossover (TRAILER 2)


PREQUEL Daughter Of Guardians - The story of Rapunzel

SEQUEL [[Daughter Of Guardians - Part 2}}

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