daughter of the guardians prequel


Rapunzel Married Hans and they have a Kid
Daughter Of Guardians - The story of Rapunzel-002:39

Daughter Of Guardians - The story of Rapunzel-0

14 years later his baby is already a teenager and meets a little girl and her Brother (Elsa and Jack)
Jack seems to like Rapunzel, but she doesn't pay attention cause she is married, she's just happy to see his son has a new friend, but Hans watches them together and gets jealous.
One day, their kid gets sick, they don't know what to do and the only way to help him is to travel for the medicine, so they go, but they have an accident and the ship sinks.
Rapunzel and Hans die, but the love they had for their son was enough, so the moon makes them guardians... Well it makes Rapunzel a guardian.
She can't remember ANYTHING about herself, she only know she has the power of light and healing when he sings.. So she does that, and heal her kid, without knowing.





jack frost (cameo)

elsa (cameo)


Daughter of guardians - The story of Rapunzel (PREVIEW)00:20

Daughter of guardians - The story of Rapunzel (PREVIEW)

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sequel Daughter Of Guardians

2 sequel Daughter of guardians - Part 2

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