INSIDE OUT - Get to know your emotions Disgust (2015) Pixar Animated Movie HD00:46

INSIDE OUT - Get to know your emotions Disgust (2015) Pixar Animated Movie HD

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  • in ratatouille linguini before meeting remy makes a soup so bad that when he tastes it he pukes it and remmy nearly does too when he sniff ot

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  • SpongeBob I one episode made a sundae out a avaible ingredients: Ketchup, onions and penuts growing on the emwindow sill on his bathroom (as well the dirt that came with). The resulting concoction gives him epic bad breath
  • courage the coesrdly dog: Muriel is an excelent cook but she tends to add "a wee dash of vinegar" to everything including candy, PB&J and dog food
  • downplayed with chef gusteau in ratatouille his recipe for sweetbread a la gustau proves him to be this kind of experimental chef - sweetbread cooked in a seaweed salt crust with cuttlefish tentacles, dog rose puree, geoduck egg, driedvwhite fungus, anchovie licorie sause, veal stomach, etc - but he admitted it was a disaster and never actually server it (despite keeping the recipe written down)
  • in the first ninja turtles cartoon wasvinfamous for ordening and making pizzas with bizarre and improbable combinations of toppings.
    • in the 2012 reboot his attemps to cooking early on in the new series are pizza milkshake (a pushake) and pizza noddle stew, the formaerlooks unappetizing at it looks, but leatherheadvgenuitaly likes it the latter.
  • pizza with clams penut butter and hot funge (don't knock it till you try it)[[Categoría:]]

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