• considering that shrek takes place in an anachronosstic fairy-tale world a good anount if background humor comes from far far away medieval counterparts of contemporany priducts. Attentive viwers will notice stires like fartbucks, towet of london records, old navery, burger prince, basking robinhood, banana kindoom, friar's fat boy, abercombie & witch, among others
  • in over the hedgevthe very prominent sppudies.
  • cars the tires that lighting mcqueen wears are brabded lightyear buzzard tires in reference to buzz lightyeard and goodyears eagle tires
  • Toy story the yellow pizza planet truck had on it's tailgate the barely readable brad wich sure looks a lotclike a toyota. The driver seems to have scratched out parts of the logo though leving only the leaterd " Y" and "O" Aparently is made by gyoza (witch is japaneade for dumpling).
  • shark tales has coral coca, newsreef (newsweek), kelpy kremy donuts (krispy kream), and gup (gap).

tv seriesEditar

  • everybody hates chris

In one episode julious buys Gravy ways (Milky ways), M&N's(M&M's) abd butterthumps) (butterfingers) as a way of save money. The family also uses Tussin (robitussin syroup)as a cure-all for every type of ailment


  • phineas and ferb

Over the credits of "phineas birhfay clip-a-thon we heard candace saying mom a lot of times at the end she says "mom phineas and ferb are digitally tuned my voice!" Rather that audio-tune.

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