• tangled when rapunzels hug her mothe, then she looks at her father who hugs them both with rapunzel in the middle. Whereupons flyn gets too close and pulled into
  • this happens near to the end of tinkerbell the great fairy recue and tinkerbell the pirate fairy
  • near the end of monsters university mike and sully hug their friends from oozma kappa when their part in differntd ways
  • inside out "come on grouo hug you too anger"
  • at the end of into the woods the baker, cinderella, red riding hood and jack do this afther killing the giantress
  • in avengers earth's mighties heroes was initiated by thor afther a big battle grabing iron man, ant man and... Hulk, each of them had an adorable bewildered look on their faces.

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