Thor & Jane Kissing Scene00:50

Thor & Jane Kissing Scene

  • The ape equivalent of a hug. Caesar and his wife have a moment, as well as Koba and Blue Eyes after Koba's attempted murder of Caesar. Malcolm and Caesar also share one at the end as a symbol of their friendship.
  • In Tangled, the Queen presses her forehead on Rapunzel's.
  • EVE and Wall-E, two robots in love, share one of these. It's almost too cute
  • Will and Elizabeth, a couple falling in love, share one in the end of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.
  • Done in Godzilla (2014) between the male and female MUTOs when they meet up. It's surprisingly adorable.
  • A villain version occurs in Thor: The Dark World between Malekith and Algrim, when the latter shows his Undying Loyalty by becoming Kursed.

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