• Po and Tigress get into a fight which ends with Tigress glomping Po in the form of a Cool Down Hug to show how much she cares about him. Po later glomps Tigress at the end of the film; the look on her face is priceless. The rest of the Furious Five can only stare in disbelief. Crane gets a Beak Drop.
    • Then Po tries to Bear Hug Master Shifu, only to find he's Flash Stepped away. On his return Po's dad tries to glomp him, but Po's a bit too big and Mr. Ping just bounces off.
  • Kida does this to Milo at the end of Atlantis The Lost Empire right after she is transformed back from her crystalline form.
  • Esmeralda does to Quasimodo at the end of The Hunchback of Notre Dame just right after Frollo falls to his doom, and Quasimodo is rescued by Phoebus.
  • Part of a funny moment at the beginning of Pocahontas where a wife glomps her returning husband, the force of which knocks him into the river.
  • Jessie from Toy Story 2 loves this trope. She glomps Woody upon first meeting him - one of many things that causes Woody to become "officially freaked out" in that scene. Jessie glomps Woody again at the end of the movie after she and Woody have successfully escaped from the plane and landed safely behind Buzz on Bulleye's back. In Toy Story 3, Jessie glomps Buzz after he rescues her in the trash compactor, gets crushed under a falling TV, and, just when everyone thinks he's dead, turns out to be not only alive but restored to his normal self.

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