• Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean seems to have become a Pirate Girl. To the point that she becomes the Pirate King. • Pirates of the Caribbean's character list also includes Anamaria, who is apparently a no - nonsense Lady of War type.
  • The original Disneyland ride itself has a painting in the skeleton caves implying this is what happened to the Redhead.
  • There's also Mistress Cheng, though she's past Pirate Girlhood and is more of a Pirate Lady.
  • In the fourth movie we have Angelica, a Dashing Hispanic who is Jack Sparrow's New Old Flame.
  • In the 2003 Peter Pan, Wendy considers an offer to be a pirate on Hook's ship, though she eventually turns it down.
  • Zarina, the title character of The Pirate Fairy

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