• Kung Fu Panda had Po, a giant panda who initially had a well hidden self-loathing so profound that it made his heroes' initial disdain for him feel positively kind
  • Peter Quill (aka "Star-Lord") from Guardians of the Galaxy had a rough youth: his father was never in his life and his mother died in his presence when he was about 8 or 9. Moments after that, he was scooped up by some aliens who apparently wanted to eat him (though the actual validity of this claim seems to be wishy-washy; Yondu's been lording the fact he stopped them from doing so over Peter since that day but, again, there seems to be a deeper understanding between them as well). Still, despite his unpleasant youth, he grew up to be a relatively well-adjusted Handsome Lech Loveable Rogue who loves pop music from The Seventies (the memoir mixtape his mother gave him) and all around is a jokey, easygoing guy (though, as he qualifies for the trope, he still lives with the pain of his mother's death and this comes up at the end of the movie).
  • Ultimate Spider-Man: Spider-Man's wacky jokes and quirky personality are what he uses to shield him from a relentlessly unkind world.

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