• captain america, of course
  • in 2008 "incredible hulk" the dource's of abomination's powers is a double dose of the marvel universe's failure rebirth project of super-suerum. Combined with a drop of blood from Bruce banner. This appears to been part of an effort to provide visible ties between marvel studio's adaptation of their canon characters - in this case a layning down to captain America film.
    • actually bruce banner mutation of the hulk in the marvel cinematic universe is due to his experimentation with the original suerum . A combination of the fact that he dins't know what he was doing (the military have told him the work was for radiation resistance) and his replacing vira-rays with gamma radiation led to his transformation.
  • the px42 fro despicable me 2 who turned the minions purple and pshyco
  • after defeating his arch-enemy metro man, megamind decides to give metroman's power to a random guy who would became the next champion of metro city. He extracts metroman DNA from some dandruff from his cape and accidentally injects it into Hal the cameraman

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