• •In How to Train Your Dragon, Hiccup makes friends with Toothless by giving him a fish. Toothless responds in kind, by regurgitating half of the fish for Hiccup to eat.
    • Continued in the series: Dragons: Riders of Berk. There Heather befriends Storm Fly by giving her chicken.
  • John Smith befriends Pocahontas's raccoon Meeko by offering him a biscuit.
  • In Up, Russel wins over Kevin the "snipe" with a chocolate bar.
  • The Stinger of Kung Fu Panda has only Po and Master Shifu sharing a bowl of dumplings. As well as a Call Back to their epic dumpling fight, it shows how the often harsh and grumpy Old Master has lightened up and accepted Po not only as the Dragon Warrior but as a friend.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: in the Tim Burton movie, Willy Wonka gives the chief a cacao bean and is then offered a plate of mashed worms, which he pretends to like so the tribe will come work for him.
  • •ET The Extra Terrestrial: Elliot makes friends with the alien by offering it Reese's Pieces. Interestingly enough, this led to Reese's Pieces sales rising as much as 65% in 1982.
  • In Surf's Up, a tribe of native (cannibal?) penguins try to eat Chicken Joe, until Joe offers them roasted squid on a stick. Finding that it "tastes like chicken", they make him their leader instead.

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