• All over the place in Ninjago. Four of the main ninjas wear bright red,green,blue and white costumes. Cole has a black ninja suit, but it's accented with flashy sliver shoulder pads. Yet they can all be pretty stealthy when the need arises. Zig-Zagging Trope in one episode when Zane's white outfit is accidentally dyed pink. He complains about is being ridiculous, but he's still very stealthy wearing it and it actually helps him camouflage against a pink poster in the climax of the episode
  • •Deadpool is a borderline Cloudcuckoo Lander example. If he's concentrating enough to stop the constant stream of crazed, manic, fourth-wall breaking babble, he can be quite stealthy. Of course sometimes he is stealthy because of the constant stream of crazed, manic, and fourth-wall breaking behavior. The Skrulls were not looking for a Super 'hero' hidden dressed as a baseball mascot.
  • Spider-Man comes close because of No Peripheral Vision and the fact that he's got faster reflexes than normal humans. Apparently no one in the Marvel Universe ever looks up.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are, out of necessity, stealthier than your average Ninja. They are anthropomorphic turtles in a world not widely populated by anthropomorphic animals.

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