• A few of the robots in Wall E, namely WALL•E himself, EVE, and M-O could only say a couple of words, one of which was their name.
  • Finding Nemo's seagulls.

"Mine! Mine! Mine-Mine-Mine! Miiiiine! Mine! Mine? Mine!"

  • About half the dialogue for Steve the monkey in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is just "Steve." Correction: it's "STEEEEVE."
  • The rather vicious looking dog in Over the Hedge was only able to say "Play?" when chasing R.J. and his wagon of food.
  • Groot retains this in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. In fact, this was one reason why the role appealed so much to Vin Diesel. Subverted at the end before his Heroic Sacrifice, where he says "We are Groot" instead of his usual "I am Groot".


  • Coco in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Frequently, the other characters repeat her lines à la Repeating so the Audience Can Hear: "Coco coco!" "Ripoff artist?!" • Sometimes the writers were more clever about it, like when an extremely sick Bloo made them think a ghost was loose in the house.

Coco: (picks up a telephone) Wilt: A telephone? Who ya gonna call? Coco: Co-coco! Wilt: Nah, they went out of business years ago.

  • They were able to get get crap past the radar with Coco's lines now and then too. In one episode, everyone was wondering how to get a great room Mac accidentally gave away.

Coco: (while talking in a clearly sinister tone of voice) Co-co Cocooo.. >_> Mac: Um, Coco.. I'm pretty sure if we did that, we'd go to jail.

  • Even her diary and a note she wrote reads "Coco coco coco cococococo."
  • Shnitzel from Chowder, can only say "Radda." When he drew a card in a board game and read it, the card contained the text; "Radda radda radda."

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