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Meet Fear - Inside Out

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron: Brough to the team by Scarlet Witch illusions. Tony sees his friends die, Natasha is forced to relieve her traumatic training, Thor witnesses Hell coming to Asgard and Steve is faced with no war to fight, leaving him without purpose. We never see what she shows to Bruce, but he has enough demons of his own.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) episode "Fungus Humongous" did this through mutant fungi that spread fear-hallucination inducing spores. Unusually for these types of episodes in Western Animation, every fear encountered had been established before, or were completely reasonable given experiences from previous episodes. Raph and Casey had already been explicitly shown to have a phobia of cockroaches and rats respectively, Mikey was scared of the Squirrelanoids they'd encountered before, Donny feared that April hated him both for the more shallow reason of him being a mutant and for the much more guilt-ridden reason of accidentally mutating her father, April was terrified of Bats due to having seen her father turn into a particularly grotesque version of one that kidnapped her, and Leo has been shown several times throughout the show to worry about his duties and capabilities as team leader.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man episode "Strange Days" everyone in New York and possibly the world (except for Spider-Man, Iron Fist, and Doctor Strange) are put to sleep by Nightmare who feeds on their worst fears in their dreams. White Tiger's fear is failing her exams, Power Man's fear is not being able to save his friends, Iron Fist's fear is thinking that he isn't worthy of his powers, Doctor Strange's fear is realizing that magic isn't real, and Nova is afraid of rabbits. Nightmare tries to pull one on Spidey by making him look back at his failure to save Uncle Ben, but Spider-man accepted his guilt and overcomes his fear, allowing him to beat Nightmare, because he figured out that nightmares aren't real.[[Categoría:]]

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