• The Nightmare Before Christmas: The zombies that reside in Halloween Town seem to be revenants, while Sally is an Artificial Zombie. Interestingly, both Sally and Jack, despite being Undead, have the need to eat and sleep, can be killed, and, depending on if you take the epilogue poem on the soundtrack to be Canon, even have children.
  • In Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Blackbeard's officers are the Voodoo type; mindlessly obedient to their 'creator', with no interest in eating anyone.
  • Warm Bodies has two types of zombies; Corpses and Skeletons, also known as Fleshies and Bonies. Corpses are fully sentient, but have such little control over their zombie instincts that they're really just Romero Zombies with an inner monologue. They can also use tools and speak single words occasionally. They're also one of the few examples of zombies in fiction that can be cured. With love.Boneys, on the other hand are simply super-zombies; despite having no skin and very little muscle remaining, they are fast, powerful, skinny zombies.

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