• The Missing Link does it in Monsters vs. Aliens, but only because he had just been in the pool and his eyes were burning with chlorine. • Dr. Cockroach walks like this for a few seconds after his transformation in the General's video clip.
  • The Walking Dead, being a show about zombies plays with this. While an average zombie can only shuffle or, at most, break out at a disjointed jog, and therefore be outrun, the main problem is they do not get tired. In late season 2, Andrea is overcome with exhaustion and jumped by a single walker, after being forced to fight and flee for hours on end.
  • In Warm Bodies, the zombies generally move slowly (though they can lunge, from time to time...) but as they age into the skeleton-and-beef-jerky Bonies, strangely enough become faster. • R hilariously lampshades this in one of his Deadpan Snarker monologues:

"God, we walk slow." *sigh* "This might take a while..."

  • Mocked in Gravity Falls when Dipper and Wendy are watching zombie movie;

Wendy: They're slow! Just power walk away from them!

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